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Please sign up to become a Closed Beta Tester!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Three Word Story

    and then said
  2. Three Word Story

    shit, my leg
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    The Browning - Disconnected
  4. Amitus Engineering

    We are looking for people who want to join the Amitus Corporation as we forge the way for the new faction, Amitus Engineering. We plan to create this faction soon but are in need for additional people to sign up to join on the initial journey.
  5. Count to 1 million

  6. Count to 1 million

  7. Count to 1 million

  8. Welcome

    Welcome to the Independent Business Council! <placeholder>
  9. Closed Beta Sign Up

    Welcome to the Amitus Trading Center Closed Beta Sign Up. Signing to become a beta tester will give you early access the new Amitus Trading Center. We are looking for you to find bugs and find ways to improve the site. As being part of the beta testing program, you agree to report all issues that you find and agree not to keep them to yourself either. If you want to become a beta tester, please place the following information below so we can get in touch when the time is right. A * denotes required to be considered as a valid applicant. *Handle: *Email: *Why you would like to beta test: Prior testing experience: Once we have made our decision on the applicants we will reach out to you and let you know as well as give you access to the proper forum channels. Keep in mind: Once the site goes to production, all testing data will be reset back to a fresh installation of the Amitus Software.
  10. Amitus Trading Center

    Welcome to the Amitus Corporation forum, home of the upcoming Amitus Trading Center! Amitus Trading Center (ATC) is a new and upcoming galactic marketplace designed to give you the best experience possible. Our goal is to bring ATC to you early in Year 19 and set the standard for all galactic marketplaces. As of right now, we are still building the marketplace and plan to release it around Year 19 Day 10 - so be ready! We are always open to ideas to make the marketplace better so please share them with us! Sign up for the forums to stay up today on information, we promise that you will not be disappointed.